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  1. hummm
  2. PERC HEARING TO BE HELD ON 05/20/2011
  3. A letter from the Teamsters
  4. How to Destroy This Board: Not MOD 709, Not the Cuss Words, Not the Teamsters Posts
  5. Why can't I find the great one ?????
  6. Lets not go back to the union crap again...
  7. Fhp at least got something
  8. FHP not happy with pba after they go another year w/o raises
  9. Just look at the FHP thread, they are trashing pba big time! ! !
  10. PBA Got FHP 6 Million For Cars, Additional CAD Money, & 2k Raises For Specialty Units
  11. PBA fails FHP again
  12. simple truth is PBA screwed FHP & Teamsters screwed DC
  13. FHP thread/title says it all " Lets all drop pba "
  14. Brevard title says it all/lets all dump pba
  15. Happy Holidays from the Teamsters
  16. Must be nice to have a real union
  17. Yes, it is great to have a real union like the Teamsters
  18. Another year of failures for the Teamsters
  19. Guess this is a Teamsters site again
  20. PBA is having card signed in a attempt to be our union
  21. Corrections Officers Happy with Teamsters
  22. Not this Union crap again
  23. Less than 100 hundred signed cards received
  24. meeting with JJ
  25. Seek gainful employment elsewhere
  26. PBA and all unions suck