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  1. hiring
  3. Guns for cheap
  4. Handicap parking
  5. Sad state of affairs
  7. How does someone apply to this department?
  8. hows everything?
  9. Doral Training
  10. Mike Mike !!!!
  11. Mike Mike !!!!
  12. 33 chick
  13. Amy
  14. Rego must read.
  15. Taru
  16. El Portal not a real Police department
  17. Armed butlers not police officers
  18. Delta Force training at El Portal
  19. El SeŮor Miguel Rego
  20. Santos the *****
  21. Rego & miami dade county police
  22. Mongolic Savage surrenders
  23. La Leche de El Portal
  24. El Senor Miguel Rego
  25. FRS Investment Plan Assistance
  26. Senor Rego es pinga grande y gorda
  27. La Pinga mas dulce de El Portal
  28. Rey Pinga Dulce
  29. La Pinga de Rego
  30. The King remains King
  31. No more Nectar at El Portal
  32. The drunk king Miguelito A Rego
  33. El Senor Miguel Rego es Hombre y Amigo
  34. El Senor Miguel Rego vs. The Hialeah Raja Yuca
  35. The Drunk Marine at it Again
  36. El Senor Miguel Rego
  37. The King stays King
  38. Was Mike Rego Marine Force Recon???
  39. Tammy and Rafael Valdes appeal denied
  40. Poor choice
  41. How bad is this Dept now?
  42. Why did rego really leave to biscayne park
  43. Battaglia is running the El Portal Police
  44. Hufnegal has screwed up our department
  45. Bring Eugene back!!!!
  46. Borrell wake up and open your eyes
  47. Hufnagel is making changes
  48. Fire Hufnagel
  49. Rojas and Santos
  50. An example pulled from public records FDLE on what not to do.
  51. Huffnagle giving Benitez a one on one
  52. Borrell is SAD!!
  53. Benitez donít fall Hufnagle
  54. Hatters
  55. I 33 Hufnagel
  56. Hufnagle for Biscayne Park Police Chief
  57. Miguel Rego FIRED from Biscayne Park
  58. Borrell thinks he is the Chief
  59. Rego good fit at Sweetwater PD
  60. Why?
  61. Is it true Hufnagle is hitting the new officer
  62. Benitez Is a rat
  63. Hufnagle talks CRAP of the El Portal Mayor and Manager
  64. Papoooo
  65. Hahahahaha
  66. Hufnagle ABRUPTLY removed from interim Chief of Police
  67. Ronnie v Manny
  68. November 10, 2018
  69. Hufnagel Fired From El Portal
  70. I heard the former chief is moving to El Portal to run for mayor and clean house!!!?
  71. Is this a joke or is this actually real?? Please tell me itís a hoax.
  72. Hufnagel
  73. Bring Eugene back!!! Enough said....
  74. Sharpe, Acting Chief. If this joke could only get worse
  75. How Embarrassing
  76. "Arctic the K9"
  77. Next Chief
  78. Hiring
  79. Job
  80. El Portal has a New Chief.
  81. Hiring
  82. Excellent job "Chief Sharpe"