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  1. "HALO" position found most effective for badge display
  2. When you don't see what's visible: Inattentional blindness
  3. Research findings mark the dismal toll of police stress
  4. How to save your pension seminar
  5. Indianapolis police officers to pay fee for take-home cars
  6. Negligent or Inadequate Investigation
  7. PBA Updates
  8. Fl. Senator files bill on local governmet pensions
  9. $6.6 Trillion retirement savings shortfall shows 401 K's not
  10. "Looming": Important consideration when cops fire at cars
  11. Feb. 9 Capitol Report
  12. Panel OK's revamp of Florida public employee pensions
  13. Veterans being discriminated against
  14. Supreme Court alert--Florida v. Harris
  15. Pension reform plan put on hold
  16. Capitol Report for week ending 2/15
  17. Experts deride well publicized study on pensions
  18. Capitol report for week ending 2/22/13
  19. Study pnpoints vehicle stop vulnerabilities
  20. Capitol Report for March 8, 2013
  21. Capitol Report for March 14, 2013
  22. New study adds to proof of "inattentional blindness"
  23. The 3 most important numbers in todays Q-poll
  24. Capitol Report March 22
  25. Probation search without warrant and without suspicion uphel
  26. Canine searches
  27. Legislative proposals for the FRS
  28. No legislative action on local pensions this week
  29. Response to FOP Presidents letter regarding PBA support for
  30. Proposed pay raises for State LEO's
  31. Positive changes to Municipal Pension Lesgislation
  32. Legislative Budget Conference Updates
  33. Senate and House budget conference agree to pay raises
  34. Using a drug sniffing dog to obtain a warrant
  35. Video/photography of working law enforcement officers
  36. Special notice on forfeiture of special comp
  37. Medley Cops Settle Wrongful Termination Lawsuits
  38. Governor Approved Budget
  39. FRS Update
  40. New CJSTC Board
  41. Special Comp Rule Change with FHP
  42. IAQuestion
  43. can a deal be taken back?
  44. Can an officer profile be changed on ATMS
  46. Capitol Report for November 8, 2013
  47. 180 day rule
  48. No contract
  49. Hey West Central Florida PBA
  50. Police corruption at its finest!
  51. Cad?
  52. COLA Sunsets In 2016..... if The Legislators Allow It
  53. Evil doers,at homestead pd.
  54. civil rights action
  55. Is the PBA "Out of Business"?
  56. PBA Endorsements
  57. Broward Circuit 17, Group 15 Judge Barbara Duffy
  58. Tammy and Rafael Valdes appeal denied
  59. Florida PBA SUCKS,
  60. Can an IA be removed?
  61. Broward PBA