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  1. Busy Day In San Bernardino
  2. Austin police detectives to patrol during some major events
  3. Delaware county proposes 26 unpaid days off, pay freezes
  4. Baltimore Tuition Reimbursement A Casualty Of Budget Cuts
  5. Reno police offer city cost-cutting measures
  6. Vallejo council backs contract, will cut number of officers
  7. Columbus Lays Off 27 Police Recruits
  8. Providence unions offer $5 million in contract concessions
  9. FOP Asks 'Double-Dippers' To Resign To Avoid More Layoffs
  10. Police Department To Demote Sups Rather Than Layoff Non-Rank
  11. Pinellas Sheriff makes controversial cuts
  12. One in Five NJ Police Agencies Considering Layoffs
  13. Sheriff's Department To Layoff 68 Of 82 Employees
  14. Toledo Laying Off 75 Police Officers
  15. Oakland Mayor Planning 140 Police Layoffs, 26 Furlough Days
  16. Retirement in Tennessee
  17. Need Advice/ Insight
  18. I hope you can help (sorry in advance)
  19. FRS Investment Plan
  20. Free General Aviation LE Safety Training