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  1. B shift wagon MiA for over 1 hour
  2. Be Aware Of These Individuals
  3. Missouri and protecting the goal posts
  4. Thieves still thivinges Federally
  5. Major Laberdask Leaving to take over Coral Gables PD
  6. What is going on with the Southern P&P Region?
  7. stolen motorcycle investigation
  8. City Of Groveland Florida
  9. Free Wi-Fi
  10. The usual suspects
  11. Chuck Norris we are not!
  12. Now will you LEO Leaders start defending your people!!!!!
  13. Mental Health and crime
  14. US Marshal Management
  15. Leon
  16. Reserve Officer Bedard
  17. Please Help a Brother Officer - Shawn Monti
  18. Ex- K-9 Lt walks away! No Justice
  19. PART ONE the chief May,not be able to attend the community policing event ?
  20. The chief's ass (he, haw) makes a break for it!
  21. The beginning of the end of the chief's ass (he--haw)
  22. New to this forum, need a little bit of advice.
  23. BSO looking for new management
  24. Earn $47,000 as a Certified Detention Deputy
  25. Online research tool that divulges our personal info
  26. Miramar pd corruption!
  27. Do I have a better chance of getting hired with MDPD if I'm a criminal?
  28. Оборудование
  29. Biscayne Park Police
  30. FSA 2015 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
  31. Lazy Detectives
  32. Gun Free Zones
  33. Leo shootings of unarmed suspects
  34. Gun buy back
  35. Domestic Partner Benefits
  36. Pba or fop?
  37. We don't feel safe
  38. Black Lives Matter! Or do they?
  39. Police Pursuits
  40. Have gossip about an elected official or insider?
  41. Time is on our side
  42. Rams wide receivers hands up dont shoot spectable last year
  43. Florida Office of the Inspector General
  44. Rookies, educate yourself!
  45. Finding a Department with my History
  46. Pasco county out of state applicant
  47. Abandon Beyonce
  48. South Florida crossover from corrections to law enforcement
  49. Really Funny
  50. Dade City PD (what a joke)
  51. Leon County Sheriffs Office
  52. Commisioner Ken Hagen dont take your boots off yet
  53. Parking
  54. Hiring
  55. Does any department hire older guys
  56. Does any department hire older guys
  57. damn shame
  58. Elephant in the room
  59. I need a whistleblower attorney to sue, Ref. Stats
  60. Take your dog to work day , WTF is this shi real
  61. Sibpd
  62. Sgt. Kreg Costa
  63. Sarasota Sheriff on duty at Islamic Society
  64. FDLE Future Hiring
  65. Obama's Police/BLM summit, 07/13/16
  66. Employment
  67. It's coming
  68. Retirement message from Chief Gomez
  69. who is the real wally the Worm
  70. District 1
  71. Citywide bids why the delay
  72. Shift Bid ?????
  73. failure to properly supervise or take corrective action
  74. fdle to handlrIAinvestigatiions!
  75. Need Help!
  76. Fdle? Time to step in
  77. hiring
  78. Training
  79. Process
  80. Deahora for Evidence Room custodian? Yay or Nay?
  81. The voting Peasantry of Labelle needs oversight and education.
  82. Employment
  83. I would like to be a police officer but...
  84. The Crespo Report
  85. Let's not make this a pba site again
  86. The Sheriff should create an aviation unit of drones
  87. Israel promotes Joe Fernandez to BSO Fire Chief
  88. Best city manager of Doral
  89. NY leo looking to move to Tampa/ Pinellas area
  90. Cps
  91. Pba elections
  92. Miami-Dade PBA Fiscal Accountability
  93. Miami-Dade PBA Fiscal Accountability
  94. Karma is a *****
  95. Shifts?
  96. Police: Margate Vice Mayor Joked About Running Over Cops
  97. Let's not make this a pba site again
  98. Ira gold-bum, investigation
  99. Help Pasco you guys were right
  100. Make Hendry Great? It IS, Keep it Great! Whidden 2020!
  101. Hero and cowards New York Times
  102. Is Jan a he or she Channel 10 reports
  103. Florida Equivalency of Training for out of state
  104. Looking for info on hiring process for FWC
  105. Hey JP Iím driving on the busway anyway
  106. Coral Springs Police Department
  107. Daytona Beach Police Department
  108. I'm interested in being a DOT Trooper
  109. Coral Springs PD
  110. Coral Springs PD
  111. Sarasota County Deputy pay question
  112. The final gurgling
  113. Boca Raton Police Services Department
  114. Colina please save Cmdr Simmons
  115. Coral Springs Police Department
  116. Don Huneke Mr PBA
  117. Sarasota School District Police Department
  118. Flagler County Sheriff's Office
  119. North Miami PD
  120. Sarasota County School District Police Department
  121. Port St Lucie PD
  122. Agency hiring!
  123. New App for Police
  124. Lateral transfer from NY to florida need some help!
  125. Employment
  126. You ok Tapanes
  127. Disregard for road sign or markings.
  128. I Robert Destephen want
  129. Peterson is a Coward
  130. Pasco Tours and pay steps
  131. Pasco deputy pay steps
  132. Pasco work schedule
  133. Pasco Deputies work schedule
  134. Tutko
  135. I Spoke to that Coward Polan
  136. A message to Colina from Motors
  137. FHP Good Old Boy Network ó Stay away and be warned!!!
  138. Richard Perez
  139. Who has Hottest Cops- Metro or City of Miami?
  140. Hialeah Police Deparment- La Casa de Los Pichy Boys
  141. Gps ...pffff