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  3. Orange PD on "Jesse James is a Dead Man"
  4. Cops Writing Cops
  6. Deputy says he was forced to beat mentally ill inmate
  7. LA sheriff's deputy wounds 2 burglary suspects
  8. Former sheriff's deputy convicted of sexual assault
  9. Sheriff's stats indicate county-wide decrease in crime
  10. Baca says he's open to U.S. probe
  11. Ex-deputy says he, others used improper force on inmates
  12. Sheriff's stations see drop in violent crime
  13. Sheriff: 2 off-duty deputies arrested in La Mirada
  14. Official Wants LA Jail Deputies to Wear Cameras
  15. Hard to see how Sheriff Baca escapes blame
  16. L.A. County sheriff says he was out of touch with jails
  17. LA sheriff blames self for violence at jails
  18. Deputies reassigned after sex allegation
  19. Sheriff's Deputy Charged with Child Molestation
  20. ACLU sues Sheriff's Department, alleges photographers were h
  21. Sheriff's staff raised red flags about jail brutality 2 year
  22. Report: LA sheriff staff knew about jail violence
  23. Sheriff Lee Baca launches probe of former head of troubled j
  24. L.A. County jails may be out of room next month
  25. Sheriff's Department used jail duty to punish deputies
  26. the new truth,and direction
  27. Improve Inmates’ Living Conditions
  28. Academy Director Opening
  29. Almost killed by LAPD
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