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  1. Welcome Lee County Sheriff's Office
  2. Looking for an Officer
  3. Ft. Myers PD
  4. Losing Deputies
  5. Charlotte County wants to know about Camron
  6. Take homes
  7. police disabilty retiree
  8. where is spongedom???
  9. Sentinels-public safety football team
  10. Sarasota Sheriff's Office inquiring
  11. LCSO deputy not looking out for other cops?
  12. Explorer Killed
  13. Explorer Killed
  14. Aviation Unit Positions?
  15. 4 Miami Dade officers shot (1 fatal).. suspect later killed
  16. Private Message Board for LEOs
  17. House for rent
  19. Shifts
  20. It's election season again!
  21. WTB Glock 27 or 33
  22. Awsome site that donates to fallen officer's families!!!
  23. WTB Handguns, Rifles, and Transferable FullAutos
  24. work hours 40 or 43..
  25. Lee County Sheriffs Corrections
  27. DOC Disrespect
  28. hiring?
  29. Info
  30. Looking to come aboard
  31. looking for jason mesko
  32. Shoap runs again
  33. party
  34. Does anyone know "Mark Hall"?
  36. relocation
  37. Does anyone have any information on "Mark Hall"
  38. Server Down Time
  39. lcso/fmpd
  40. take home policy
  41. 10codes
  42. Debate
  43. Sacrificial lambs
  44. Cameron 2012
  45. PBA
  47. b Hussaine Obamas Terroist connections video *** AMUST SEE
  48. House for rent
  49. Deputies Blame Gas Station Brawl On Stolen Smokes
  50. Authorities on lookout for drunken boaters over holiday
  51. Gag Order
  52. Lets pray for a hero
  53. Law enforcement fundraiser for fallen officer's family
  55. Cop kill and Chief Hilton Daniels stay on vacation
  57. "I'm shocked": Deputy's wife responds to no memori
  59. Thank you all
  60. Deputy Sheriff " LALOR's"
  61. Federal anti-drug agent dies after shot near Pembroke Pines
  62. Warning
  64. district assignments
  65. Ronga
  66. Editorial: We need more bilingual officers
  67. Deputy fired for lying over Jolly Ranchers as bribe
  68. We've Gone Public
  69. 4a6wimt
  70. K-9 Fired?
  71. Big mouth Mike
  72. McCain is the best (and why)
  73. Something very important you should know about McCain!
  74. Deputy's daughter dies
  75. Slamming Ferrante
  76. Employment Questions from LEO
  77. Escape
  78. k9 yerk
  79. Happy Thanksgiving
  80. Is this for Real?
  81. Nick Pham
  82. How 'bout the Guys that do a GREAT JOB!
  83. Yet another LCSO Deputy does the walk of shame, gets fired!
  84. Merry Christmas
  86. New Years resolution
  87. 2009 Contract
  88. Employment Inquiry from Out of State LEO
  89. Mikey Can't Take The Heat
  90. LCSO Corrections Officer arrested on burglary charges
  91. Deputies arrest man with $25k in cocaine sting
  92. Hendry County Corrections officer arrested for child porn
  93. Cancer question
  94. Narcotics - Bushong and Reeves
  95. Class Act
  96. FOP legal Defense Plan
  97. New departmen issued phones
  98. low key Mike
  99. da dom is gone
  100. CF PC
  101. employment
  102. William Joseph
  103. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the new Car Two!
  104. Man claims he was beat up by Ferrante brothers
  105. Sexual harrassment allegations against Ferrante
  106. Where does discretion become a failure to act?
  107. Collier has it worse than LCSO
  108. How many lawsuits does LCSO have on them?
  109. ...and then there were three.
  110. Lee sheriff's lieutenant on administrative leave
  111. It's time people knew
  113. Sheriff's office lieutenant demoted to deputy
  114. Lee County Sheriff's Office restructures hierarchy
  115. favoritism
  116. More changes at sheriff's office
  117. Forrest
  118. Woman Charged w/Hitting Cape Coral LEO
  119. Captain reassigned "chance to build on his resume”
  120. A riddle
  121. Bushong Gets The Axe
  122. In command: Naples High graduate is first woman to lead Lee
  123. Lee County: Fired deputy unprofessional
  124. Lieutenant demoted for mocking subordinate, profane e-mail
  125. Enough is enough
  126. Differing views of a LCSO falling star
  127. I remember Mike Scott
  128. Lee deputy suspended
  129. Sheriff Mike Scott violated laws, Bushong claims
  130. Chief deputy officially retired
  131. Raises on wheels
  132. $$$ Mike lost
  133. Former chief deputy proud to have served
  134. I want a Raise
  135. Ferrante disputes portrayal
  136. Ferrante disputes portrayal
  137. Memo regarding ex-Chief Deputy Ferrante
  138. Timing of Ferrante retirement 'curious'
  139. Sheriff responds to ex-chief deputy
  140. I.A. Question
  141. GTA
  142. Sheriff's office employee fired
  143. Sheriff Scott going to prison?
  144. Captain Partington's case
  145. Lee County Sheriff's Office members start effort to form uni
  146. What the Union Can Do For You?
  147. Lee County Jail inmate death ruled homocide by Med Examiner
  148. Captiva / Island Patrol
  149. Getting a new Sheriff?
  150. Reality
  151. Capt. Ferrante files for civil service hearing
  152. What's going on with Corrections
  153. Deputy fired for sneaking food, letters to inmate
  154. LCSO female deputy fired after romance with inmate
  155. Investigation into Sheriff Scott’s campaign rally
  156. Deputies claim they were unfairly terminated
  157. who cares
  158. Lee sheriff's deputy cleared in fatal shooting
  159. Is It True, MCU, Is It True???
  160. This would be a good time to have a union!
  161. Former LCSO captain aims to clear his name
  162. Ferrante's request for hearing denied
  163. Ferrrante denied appeal of resignation
  164. Have another Moon Pie Sheriff
  165. Board upholds demotion of Scott Ciresi
  166. LCSO's major's demotion stands
  167. LCSO hires ex-DCF worker
  168. Fired LCSO's lieutenant to make final board appeal
  169. union contract here... we... go...
  170. Researching PBA
  171. Karma4all for Sheriff
  172. Bushong's case
  173. Bushong reinstated
  174. Hiring
  175. karma4all please go away!
  176. George Brightman
  177. Sheriff Mike Scott offers trimmed budget
  178. Where's the Mike Scott does the right thing???
  179. Mike Scott's rehiring of Lee Bushong
  180. Cerisi the Fall Guy
  181. No Raises Again
  182. Sheriff Should be Fired
  183. Two drivers attacked in Lehigh
  184. Officers Bill of rights updated -you need to read-
  185. PBA vs FOP
  186. LCSO Specialty Pay is Supposed to be Taken Away
  187. CCSO deputies told to stay away from Online Sites
  188. Deputy involved in crash
  189. Union
  190. thought for Dom
  191. 2 leaving LCSO
  192. Shevitski got demoted
  193. Crist appoints Scott to Florida's Human TraffickingTask Forc
  194. The Solution
  195. Recruiting for the Inter-Galactic War
  196. Name a Coworker that goes above and beyond...
  197. Sgt. S. Crawford
  198. need your help!!!
  199. job searcharooni?
  200. Corrections
  201. Ronald Abbatoy
  202. Information
  203. Scott cleared in Hatch Violation
  204. Scott violated the Hatch Act
  205. FTO
  206. LCSO corporal fired for watching porn at work
  207. No-Confidence in Sheriff
  208. Have you seen me?????????????????????
  209. DOJ
  210. Pine Island
  211. Cecil and the PBA lies
  212. BILLY
  213. UNION?
  214. NFM man files lawsuit against LCSO
  215. Mike Scott thinks all his Deputies are "pigs and hogs"
  216. civil service board
  217. Sheriff responds to News-Press
  218. Too funny!
  219. Union Meeting
  220. Looks like we are in union now, great?
  221. Female K-9 Handler
  222. florida highway patrol PBA
  223. Insurance and unions
  224. Do you see what is happening here?
  225. Four days and no one can say a union is bad except mike scot
  226. who will run for sheriff next?
  227. **** N Mike
  228. Coming Sunday: The sheriff and the felon
  229. Mike Scott and the Convicted Felon
  230. Put a fork in it
  231. Sheriff's link with felon raises influence fears
  232. Spence's role in 90s money laundering scheme
  233. Sheriff defends friendship with convicted felon
  235. newspress is bias
  236. Shame on TV coverage
  237. Lee County deputies still spoke to Scott’s friend
  238. Lee County sheriff clears up allegations
  239. Deputies went to Spence to get around Ferrante
  240. check out Brevard County SO LEOAFFAIRS site
  241. Read this from FMPD before you doom us all....
  242. Pba exposed
  243. Being reasonable about the Union
  244. what type of change do you need for your workplace
  245. How many LEO Deputies fear attending the union meeting?
  246. Who executes search warrants in Cape Coral city limits?
  247. Sheriff investigated by FDLE
  248. Sherff Scott is subject of preliminary state inquiry
  249. Gullibility no defense for sheriff's actions
  250. Sheriff supremely confident he'll be cleared in FDLE investi