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  1. Former NPPD officer lied to investigators
  2. The fun police.
  3. Cops hid use of phone tracking tech in court documents
  4. Chief in the hotseat again
  5. Department Going To The Dogs
  6. Tom Knight Survey
  7. Restoring Confidence through Crisis Mgmt
  9. Hiring
  10. SSO raise
  11. Lawsuit
  12. K-9 officer screws the pooch (again)
  13. Taser Training
  14. Oh Mister Wilson........
  15. New Chief is "A" Cummin !
  16. Claims of cheating on FEMA tests roil North Port
  17. PBA Contract
  18. R.I.P. Sgt. Graham
  19. Lawsuit: North Port man, wife claim police violated rights
  20. North Port Sun Turkey Day Shame
  21. Police: Survey shows low morale in NPPD
  22. NPPD chief: It’s time for a ‘culture change’
  23. NPPD chief: It’s time for a ‘culture change’
  24. Retired Lieutenant Dale Goodpasture
  25. City fire employees under investigation
  26. Police Use Citizens Rights For Nor Releasing Department Videos
  27. North Port police car and and city work truck collide
  28. That Dog Won't Hunt: Cops Can't Keep You Waiting for K-9s, Supreme Court Says
  29. 2 North Port officers honored for actions
  30. JP - All bark, no bite.
  31. Lyons: Why not see what police are up to?
  32. VPD K9 favoritism application
  33. Former North Port officer sentenced in domestic battery.
  34. Why no one complains in our department!
  35. VPD K9 favoritism application revised
  36. Assistant Chief
  37. Officer shooting
  38. Philly Police Defy Federal Recommendations, They Want to be Able to Kill People Anony
  39. Cursing Out Police Is Perfectly Legal, But Police Routinely Arrest People for It
  40. Scarred
  41. H-T Editorial -- Troubling K-9 Statistics
  42. North Port officer resigns after investigation
  43. “Bitten In North Port” Takes a Closer Look at North Port’s K9 Unit
  44. Danielle Drke v City of North Port, filed July 16, 2015
  45. The Body Camera Doesn’t Lie: Officer Tensing Executed Samuel DuBose In Cold Blood
  46. Tyler Langston et. al V. City of North Port (amended complaint, filed 2/27/15)
  47. Emergency Response Team
  48. North Port Assistant Chief Retires
  49. Welcome to North Port
  50. North Port Police chief wants own SWAT-like team
  51. The exodus!
  52. Commander
  53. Herald-Tribune: North Port aims to step up oversight of K-9 unit
  54. North Port Sun Vespia Propaganda Machine
  55. Challenging the status quo
  56. Animal Control Elimination and Lies
  57. Charlotte Rag
  58. preveious employment-----------NPPD Code of Conduct and Vision
  59. City Attorney
  60. You just can't fix stupid !!!!!!!!!
  61. National Thank a Police Officer Day
  62. NPPD Restructure.. No LTs.. Add Police Commanders
  63. Just for the record-----centerter for public management report---more lies
  64. The Rumble in the Vo Tech
  65. Herald-Trib: Officer hired as North Port's 2nd in command comes with checkered past
  66. 60K of taxpayer money wasted on a lie.
  67. Non violent complaint required three units.
  68. Watch out
  69. Main problem denominator is Lewis
  70. New HT Story In The Works?
  71. Stingray Chevrolet ad playing while I am on NPPD board.... Priceless!
  72. Joe Momma
  73. What is an "at will employee"?
  74. City Wants to keep who out?
  75. K9 bites man over misdemeanor charges
  76. 10 min Mile Command Staff
  77. D.a.v.i.d.
  78. Commander King?
  79. Nppd honor guard
  80. Halloween
  81. The New Avengers
  82. one year to go
  83. JUDGE M E R C U R I O a THIEF !
  84. Sun editorial today.. Not your grandfather’s department
  85. Attrition
  86. Disrespecting our Nations Flag and our Veterans
  87. Mr. Crosby
  88. ISIS precautions by chief
  89. Body Cameras.. when will we start putting a policy together?
  90. Settlement in North Port Police K-9 bite lawsuit
  91. North Port PD Pension System
  92. NPPD spending spree on the taxpayers dime !!!!!!
  93. Inincorporation of City
  94. Chief Vespia Leader Of Shop With A Cop
  95. Vespia Throws More Money To Buy Image
  96. Public Information Officer
  97. The Art of Discipline..
  98. SHT, Saturday, December 26, 2015: More questions about K9 team - premeditation
  99. Tuscola Blvd and 41 Hey Commissioners
  100. KV Our Leader
  101. NPPD Traffic Division
  102. City Leadership..
  103. Facebook page.
  104. Dog Gone it
  105. Guardians that serve, Warriors that protect
  106. NPPD Policy Challenges
  107. Next Commander
  108. Tomy Chew Toy
  109. Open Carry
  110. Time for a change
  111. Start, Stop, Continue..
  112. Transparency.. enforceable right
  113. Why not go outside do backfrip in unison?
  114. Really Funny
  115. Record Requests...
  116. North Port Running Out Of Water!
  117. Stephanie Gibson for District 2
  118. NPPD Lost History!
  119. North port,florida,cop watch holding the acountable like they hold us acountable
  120. Support Services Captain
  121. Whatever happened to this?
  122. Another outsider as commander
  123. Michael Koval
  124. North Port Truth Seekers...
  125. What the City can and can't afford
  126. Thank you From Uncle Maddio
  127. Combat officers
  128. Thanks for your Party for Daniel NiCastro
  129. Thank you and be safe
  130. Looking for information
  131. Admin is killing this place
  132. Why Women Should Be Cops
  133. Bulletproof vest requirements..
  134. Hiring Question
  135. Abcdefghijk?
  136. Sheriff budget: Reducing municipal taxes due to lack of sheriff's patrols
  137. Patrols on 75?
  138. Vespia Community Interaction?
  139. Fleet Replacement Vehicles
  140. Josh on Animal Control and vespia
  141. Carusone? THINK! THINK!
  142. Fruity Booty
  143. Thank You
  144. Questions here
  145. More questions
  146. Peddling For Cash
  147. Sunshine through Transparency and Accountability
  148. Are those throwing stones really looking for the truth?
  149. Unit #72470
  150. Oh I see it...
  151. Patrol Car Decals money spent outside the city?
  152. Cyphert gibson risking our lives
  153. Lewis jumps sinking ship!
  154. Commanders
  155. PGPD Chief and Officer arrested...
  156. Selecting a New Chief to the Commissioners
  157. New hires
  158. Termination of Attorney Moriarty
  159. Salary study
  160. Traffic Controll Again
  161. Hiring Questions
  162. NYPD to SWFL
  163. 5K Run in North Port. NPPD is ready but just for that event.
  164. josh shelton
  165. North Port Officers that have been arrested
  166. Positive Changes
  167. New Cheif and What we Need
  168. Congratulations!
  169. City Hall
  170. Union News?
  171. New Chief
  172. Roid Rage CCSO
  173. Agency info
  174. New Chief rpt from the Ciity Manager to Commission
  175. Nw Commanders
  176. 2017
  177. Another casualty
  178. Np master ia list since 2013,this needs to be held 4 ever
  179. North Port police chief candidates set for meet and greet Feb. 26 5:30-7:30 pM
  180. Cop watch interviews florida police chief candidates,i ask about,cameras & dogs
  181. North port being sued again for a dog maul and this time theres video
  182. BOGO by the End of the Month
  183. Interim Chief Morales
  184. Good Choice to Not Hire Now Fired Brooksville Police Chief!!!
  185. Small Town Police Department
  186. Tyranntical Rein Over
  187. Stephanie Gibson
  188. Accidental Self inflicted...
  189. What is YOUR definition of a Sovereign Citizen?
  190. I truly do believe that all states catch up with societies acceptance with marajuana
  191. Omni Car
  192. Venice BBQ Bash
  193. Say Wuuuutt?!
  194. MP status?
  195. Homicide or self defense ???????
  196. Wheres the new chief?
  197. Wtf
  198. Concerned Citizen
  199. epic F up
  200. Chief Applicant Finalist
  201. Puzzle me this..
  202. To those who are concerned..
  203. Deciet. Lies, accountability, ethical behavior
  204. Commander position
  205. Got PRRs?
  206. Chief Garisson on ARV and BWCs
  207. It's about time
  208. Its a beautiful Sunshiney day...
  209. New SRO
  210. New SRO
  211. Moving Forward..
  212. Commander Lazy
  213. R.i.p.
  214. Screw up mpve up
  215. Early ‘19 Resolution
  216. Is the Chief still working for a Sheriff?
  217. Body cameras at last!!!!
  218. Take homes
  219. Promotions