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  3. Respect the Police
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  5. Don't Believe the Hype
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  10. saddlebag rifle
  11. How to Gain Access To LEO ONLY Forums
  12. $2 Million Payout Possible in California Officer Groping Cas
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  16. Retirement in Tennessee
  17. Suspect, one officer injured in Oakland car chase
  18. Oakland police chief resigning after 2 years
  19. Can a police chief be a chief in Oakland?
  20. Homicides keeping Oakland police busy
  21. Did Police Raids Against Occupy Oakland Break The Law?
  22. Judge tosses out police sergeant's lawsuit against Oakland
  23. uniform cameras
  24. Video Shows Oakland Police Officer Spitting At Person Recording Him
  25. Miami Police Department's Ron "Lube" Laberdesque is Front Runner for COP