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  1. New Superintendent
  2. No one's here
  3. Chicago Police Fume as Officer Sits in Iowa Cell
  4. Off-Duty Chicago Officer Fatally Shot
  5. Officers At Crimes Scenes Will Be Asked To Submit DNA Sample
  6. 'Unfit' Stay on Chicago Police Hire List
  7. Police Ask Court to Reverse Conviction of Jailed Officer
  8. Let the Truth Be Known
  9. Go RAYS
  10. Iowa AG decision means Chicago cop will be freed
  11. Who's Pat Halprin?
  12. Cancer question
  13. Chicago Debating Plan To Allow Security Guards To Write Tick
  14. Tampa Cops looking for Chicago Condo
  15. Retirement in Tennessee
  16. New Idea for New Year
  17. Paranormal
  18. Analysis: Police beat realignment by any other name
  19. Emanuel wants to close 3 police stations
  20. Report: Chicago cop investigated for shootings
  21. ACLU suit alleges police slower to respond in minority areas
  22. Chicago police officer killed in apparent domestic attack
  23. Teen charged in slaying of Chicago police officer
  24. Grandson of Chicago Cop Charged in Her Death
  25. Slain Chicago officer to be buried with badge
  26. Chicago cop fatally shoots man after chase
  27. chicago cops marrying felons
  28. Thomas Sabo also found in rock song
  29. CPD Uniforms
  30. LMT of Quad cities gets major LEO contract
  31. Applaud Police Department for Humane Dog Training
  32. coming to town
  33. Call for Current CPD Cops to Participate in New TV Series Demo Reel
  34. Mayor's Son robbed
  35. Academy Director Opening
  36. Homan Square Detainee: I Was Sexually Abused by Police at Chicago 'Black Site'
  37. Who is Ron Laberdesque and is He Coming to Lead The Way?
  38. Korean Born US LEO
  39. FLPD Hiring
  40. FLPD Hiring
  41. Some questions about CPD
  42. Kim FOX DA on the take!
  43. Dirty ON THE PAD Ki m FOX